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The Healthiest Tea on Earth!


The Healthiest Tea On Earth!

           For thousands of years the Chinese have revered the tonic herb Gynostemma for its anti aging and health giving properties. Many Chinese and Japanese people contribute their good health to the daily use of Gynostemma tea. Gynostemma is one of the great antioxidant herbs of the world, arguably the healthiest herb on the planet. Certainly one of the most used tonic herbs in Asia and one of the premier longevity herbs in the world. Gynostemma protects us from all kinds of free radicals with a high antioxidant activity. It is known for its ability to protect our skin, liver, kidneys, lungs, and so much more. Gynnostema is an adaptogenic herb; it helps our bodies deal with stress more efficiently. It is also a double directional herb, meaning it can boost our energy and our immune system while also helping us to stay calm and sedate excessive immunological activity and stress.

Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

Ron Teeguarden is a renowned master Herbalist who has taken Gynostemma to the next level with a product he developed called Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. He has taken pristine mountain grown, spring fed, cultivated Gynostemma and infused the dry leaves with five other of the world’s top tonic herbs. His infusion consists of Astragalus Root from northern China, Goji Berries from Central Asia, Schizandra from Changbai mountain in Manchuria, Luo han Guo, and Siberian Ginseng! All of these herbs are “Di Tao” meaning they are wild crafted, or cultivated in the mountains at the original source and with no chemicals ever.

Here is a short break down of these infused tonic herbs:

*Each one of these herbs have a vast amount of history and reverence, and science behind them as health tonic herbs. Pages have been written by Ron and others on each one of these herbs. For the sake of this article what follows is very short description of the known benefits that each herb provides.

Astragalus Root: Increases overall body energy, increases overall strength particularly in the musculature, increases immune functions. Reduces inflammatory response. Protects the cardiovascular system. Promotes strong and tall posture.

Goji Berry:  Blood tonic. Increases Immune system, increases energy.  Strengthens the legs, strong lung tonic, strong sexual tonic, digestive aid, skin and eye health tonic.

Schizandra: Known as the quintessence of Chinese herbs. A whole body tonic herb. Used for memory, sexual function. Is a revered the premier beauty tonic herb. A blood cleanser, strengthens the lungs, optimizes and strengthens the liver and the kidneys.

Luo Han Guo Fruit: Known antioxidant herb. An antihistamine, a major lung tonic, and increases overall energy. A kidney tonic, and is known to lowers blood sugar, bad cholesterol, and raise good cholesterol.

Siberian Ginseng: Increases overall energy, increases physical strength, increases adaptive energy and endurance, improves mental clarity. A sexual tonic, builds the immune system, a true revered adaptogenic herb.

This combination of herbal extracts infused with Gynostemma covers a whole lot of ground health wise, and is a super easy way to add top quality tonic herbs into your daily health regimen.

Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity tea can be consumed in morning or night. Although It has zero caffeine It can give you energy in the morning that lasts through the day. Yet this tea is calming and so it can also be enjoyed before bed. I personally drink it at all times of the day. It is by far the healthiest, best tasting, potent, and best priced tea available in the world. It is 100% my favorite bagged tea and lives up to its name as the healthiest tea on earth.

How to use and prepare Spring Dragon Tea:

20 individual sealed bags come in one box of Spring Dragon Longevity Tea.

Pour hot water over one tea bag and steep for 3-7 minutes ideally keeping covered…and presto, it is ready to drink! One tea bag can be used for 3 cups of tea. I use the bags until there is no color steeping into the water. Spring Dragon Longevity Tea has a light, mild, sweet flavor and is absolutely delicious on its own. It is also perfect as a liquid base for any smoothie or herbal elixir and can be brewed hot or cold and consumed as a cold beverage as well.

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If you are interested in learning more about tonic herbs you can check out Ron Teeguarden’s book: The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs.

If you want to try the best Goji berries ever by far check out Dragon Herbs Heaven Mountain Goji Berries! They are worlds apart from any other Goji on the market.

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