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5 Extremely Healthy Products to Increase Your Energy Naturally

Increase Energy Naturally


5 Extremely Healthy Products to Increase Your Energy Naturally

          As a health coach and someone who has completely reversed my super unhealthy toxic lifestyle into a more natural living energetic lifestyle, I get asked one question about food almost more than any other question. ”What can I take to increase my energy without stimulants like caffeine, coffee or sugar?” So I have composed a list of a few of my favorite products for you to learn about that will Increase energy naturally by adding them into your routine no matter what lifestyle or diet journey you maybe on. I feel to be energetic and healthy one needs to create a lifestyle around health and happiness. It is important to surround ourselves with positive people and situations as much as possible. Also, finding ways to do daily what we love to do, and taking care of ourselves on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This includes eating a balanced natural whole food based diet with lots of fresh, organic, vegetables, herbs, and an abundance of healthy liquids; juices, smoothies, clean water etc.. I believe a healthy diet can do so much for our health and energy, mental clarity, and endurance. It has done so much for me! However, I also understand that commercially grown healthy foods even if they are organic cannot fill in the vitamin and mineral deficits we have acquired in our lives that certain products made from superfoods, herbs and algaes can provide. Not even close. I know this from my own personal gains in these areas experimenting with many different foods and products over the years along with the experiences of clients, friends, and family and teachers have shared with me over the years.

              Here are few of my favorites that I recommend people add into there life to increase over all health, energy, and well being. These are things anyone, at any stage of their health journey can begin to add into to their diets to see noticeable energy and health benefits.

1. Greens and Powdered Greens: We have all heard if we want to be more healthy we need more greens in our diet. Probably the most economical, practical, and efficient way to add more greens into our diets is with high quality organic green powder formulas. Green vegetables increase our energy and our state of well being by providing our bodies with a huge spectrum of vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients, and balancing our bodies to a more alkaline state. We can also get more greens into our diet through juicing, eating raw salads, blending fresh greens into a smoothie, cooking with greens and adding greens to every meal. Please do begin to incorporate these strategies if you are not! However it very difficult to get the amount of nutrition that a high quality green powder has per serving through a salad, juice, or a fresh vegetable smoothie. If you really want to optimize the nutritional density of one meal or drink then green powders are the way to go. I Currently have 3 favorite green powders I use and recommend to clients, friends and family.

Orac-Energy Greens by Paradise Herbs and Essentials! ($0.70 per serving)

Orac-Energy greens has an incredible spectrum of nutrition loaded with greens, probiotics, berries and herbs. One serving is equivalent to the antioxidant power of over 24 servings of Fruits and vegetables. Only 22 calories has 5 different green juice powders, 2 algae superfoods, another 5 freeze dried vegetable powders, 12 different superfood berries, 5 super healthy mushroom extracts, milk thistle and artichoke extract for liver health, 1.2 billions strains of probiotics, and 17 tonic Herbs! Easily one of my favorites!.  Learn more and purchase Orac-Energy Greens Here on Amazon.

Paradise herbs also has an outstanding ‘Greens and Protein’ blend that I Love!

Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health (approx $1.08 per serving)

Another one of my favorites is Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health! Green Vibrance is an amazing product really standing out in the enzyme and probiotic field with 25 billion friendly bacteria from 12 strains. This is the most of any green powder available. They are also the most award winning green powder on the market currently. If you have a sensitive stomach or do not take probiotics or digestive enzymes and want to get both with a huge spectrum of greens and herbal nutrition this might be the product for you. Loaded with greens, intestinal support, liver supporting herbs, and immune boosting herbs. Lean more and purchase Green Vibrance Here on Amazon.

Vibrant Health also has an awesome kids version!: Vibrant Kids

Vitamineral Greens by Health Force Nutritionals (approx $1.10 Per serving)

Vitamineral Greens is the Green powder I have personally used for the longest amount of time. Another long time leader in the industry for super high quality and potent formulas. It is the most pricey out of the 3 but well worth the money. Vitamineral Greens Contain 18 different greens and herbs from the land, 2 algaes, 5 seaweeds, a host of enzymes and packed with probiotics. Vitamineral Greens always come in a dark amber glass as they are one of the most Eco friendly and health conscious companies in existence. Vitamineral greens really aims to provide deep nourishing ingredients on a cell level. Perfect to mix in water or smoothies as is. Also, since these greens are herbal based you can make a tea out of a serving, sprinkle on food, or add to hot cooked foods or soups and the nutritional spectrum is amplified with heat as with most herbs. You can learn more and purchase Vitamineral Greens here.

Another amazing product By HealthForce is the Intestinal Movement! If you are feeling sluggish and digest food slowly, over eat, or have high fiber diet you will really want to learn about Intestinal Movement Formula

2. Marine Phytoplankton

Marine Phytoplankton is one of the most potent nutritionally dense superfood supplements in the world!. It is an algae that is the base of the worlds food chain. Its known benefits, healing properties, and testimonials are pages long. It is a food that aids in almost all functions of the brain and body. Marine Phytoplankton is a single-celled aquatic organism which is originally derived from the ocean, on which the survival of 99% of all life forms on Earth depends. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Omega 3, COQ 9, essential amino acids, DHA, EPA, carotenoids, antioxidants, and nucleic acids. It is one of the most potent superfoods on earth which can help you meet majority of your daily nutrition needs and BOOST Energy naturally.

I personally feel the difference from marine phytoplankton within minutes of taking it. My favorite is Phyto4Life Marine Phytoplankton for the price per serving, ease of use(no taste/veggie caps), overall community support and reviews. I have used a marine phytoplankton called Oceans Alive for many years and I have loved it. I also recommend Oceans Alive to this day currently phyto4life has a much higher dose for a much better price. I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these products. Both of these companies guarantee a change in health and energy or your money back! I have never had anyone not feel the power, clarity, and energy from steadily taking marine phytoplankton. It gives me amazing energy and clarity.

 Phyto4Life information and purchase options on Amazon.

Oceans Alive (currently labeled under SunFood) information and purchase options on Amazon.

High Potency Astaxanthin (pronounced: Asta-zan-thin)

Astaxanthin is a red micro Algae, responsible for making salmon and flamingos red/orange! It also has tremendous health benefits for humans! Known as the king of carotenoids. Astaxanthin hit the health scene a few years back as the next big superfood algae for humans. It is considered one the the highest anti-oxidants ever discovered!. It helps protects eyes with its extreme amount of caratenoids. Astaxanthin increases cardiovascular health, circulation, improves endurance, exercise recovery, and overall cell health. Research published in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism suggests astaxanthin can reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, and enhance the immune system. I personally have experienced all of these benefits from astaxanthin. It has even worked for me as a natural sunblock. If you work out heavily you will for sure feel the difference of recovery. If you have a high stress job or require a large amount of focus and attention during the day you will notice an endurance increase in these areas. Astaxanthin is awesome! The most potent, high quality, and best priced Astaxanthin available I have found is on Amazon from Sports Research called High Potency Astaxanthin.

  1. Pine Pollen Extract

Pine Pollen extract is the extract from the yellow pollen of the pine tree ‘catkins’ which open and dust the meadows and surrounding neighborhoods each spring where pine trees are found. This is an ancient medicine that provides an incredible array of benefits. The number one benefit being that it is a natural androgen booster. Meaning it naturally boosts testosterone to optimal levels in men and woman! Hence increased libido, energy, endurance, and recovery. Pine pollen contains over 200 bio-active nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help unlock peak physical and mental health. Pine Pollen has been a staple in Chinese and Korean medicine for more than 2,000 years and has been shown to restore energy, eliminate signs of aging, battle fatigue, and build a strong immune system. Surthrival was the first company to bring pine pollen to the commercial market. They hands down have the best, most potent pine pollen available! If you want to increase strength, libido, and endurance, then you may want to try pine pollen extract. I’m so in love with pine pollen I go out into the woods every spring to harvest pine pollen for food and medicine making my own extracts and powders for the rest of the year! . It is a pricey product no doubt, but well worth the money! I have never had anyone say they have not felt noticeable energy, strength, and libido increases by using pine pollen! For reviews, more information, and best prices For Surthrival’s Pure Potency Pine Pollen click here.

5. Indium Ease

Indium is the mineral element #49!. My experience taking this product was incredible. It helps me sleep better at night, focus with more energy in the day, and increased my immune system, and I got sick symptoms much less. It also increases mineral absorption making other superfoods more potent. Hence more bang for your buck on all superfoods and supplements. Indium is written up in the Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health. The creator of Indium Ease states on his website about the benefits from Indium Ease “Overall, productivity of Indium-users will rise dramatically, with fewer sick days, accidents, insurance, costs, premature deaths; and better comprehension, mobility, ease-of-living, and spirituality; using more of glandular power supplied by Mother Nature.” Visit the Indium Ease website to learn more but for a better price and to read users reviews go here on Amazon: Indium Ease

Thank you for reading and I hope this list  helps you along your journey to increase your Energy naturally, boost Vitality, and your overall health!

We don’t have to change everything all at once, or cut out all the ‘bad stuff’ all at once. We just have to start small and ‘add in’ the good stuff consistently to feel better and better… The rest will take care of itself!

To your health and happiness!


Holistic Health Coach & Artist


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