Tonic Arts



My name is Rory, I am the creator of Tonic Arts.

I am a holistic health coach, raw food and elixir chef, herbal enthusiast, and fine artist. Many years ago I changed my life to a more natural lifestyle through upgrading the quality of food, drink, and informational intake. while integrating successful mind, body, and spiritual strategies that together literally saved my life. This journey still continues and it has evolved into an idea called Tonic Arts. Through the Tonic Arts website and blog Iintend to share high quality information I have learned and applied on myself, my clients, friends and family. I seek to explore more and to help others through my experiences. This website’s intention is to be part of the solution and is dedicated to everyone who has ever shared healing information and energy with me. I aim to share content that is real, uplifting, solution orientated, inspiring, healing, positive, creative, and truthful to me and my experiences. It is true that whatever direction we seek, we find information. I changed the direction my eyes, my mind, and my heart were focused on towards seeking a higher vibration informational information and lifestyle. What I received has been an amazing journey that continues to heal, enrich, and up-shift my life with extraordinary people, perspectives, strategies, and experiences.

This website is new however the ideas and journey of Tonic Arts has been years in the making!

Please contact me if you have any questions, need my services, or would like to see me create any particular content that would help you.

To your health and happiness,